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The 2005 Petawawa Legion Community Band

(Annual Community Christmas Concert, Silver Threads Centre, 2005)

The 2005 Petawawa Legion Community Band
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Standing:     Kate McGillivray, Alex Whitlock, Dale Hopkins, Ken Whitlock;
Back Row:     Brianna Carr, Gerry Pardoel-Gibson, Bella Burgess, Verlie Whitlock, George Doubt, Jean-Yves Hamel, Joan Doubt, Brenda Forsythe, Jack Watterson, Janet Gow;
Middle Row:     Bruce Chidley, Judith Plante, Malcolm Harvey, Patti Stillman, Kathleen Chidley, Heather Martin, Tina Tyler, Ron Needham, Rosemary Kettner, Sheila Blore, Art Easton;
Front Row:     Cheryl Meister, René Labrie, Justin Russell, Marge Graham, Bill Howatt, Jeremy Whitlock, Catherine Douglas, Naomi de Repentigny, Lise Bourque, Adrienne Pardoel-Gibson;
In Front:     Eric Tanguay (Music Director);

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