Our Band Badge

Our band badge was created out of the necessity to put something on the hats of our brand new uniforms, in the beginning years of the band (see 1980 photo of band.). Peter Anderson, a clarinet player in the band at the time, designed the badge, which eventually became the crest adorning our parade banner, and any number of signs and posters (and now - webpages!).

The badge is based upon the crest (and hat badge) of the Royal Canadian Legion. The centerpiece of the badge is a red mapleleaf (stylized somewhat differently in this electronic version, compared with the "hardcopies" we wear), behind two opposing horns. The significance of this is ... well ... okay, it just looks good (perhaps "we blow our own horn from coast to coast"?).

The name Petawawa Legion Community Band surrounds this image, all beneath a replica of the crown found on the official Legion badge - to signify our sponsor, creator, and partial namesake, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517.

The computer graphic you see on this page (and our main homepage) was rendered by two amateur "digital artists", both coincidentally in the same family. Verlie Whitlock, a trumpet player, and our current chairman, created the original digital drawing - essentially by hand (or mouse) - using Windows Paintbrush. Later on, Lorne Whitlock, a former saxophone player with the band, improved the fine details, added shading effects, fixed the colours and lettering (painstakingly hand-lettered by Verlie in the original bitmap!), all with CorelDRAW!, to create the image seen here.

All bands need a crest, so many thanks to Peter, Verlie, and Lorne, whose work will live on (hopefully) well beyond their years of service.

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