Musical Links

YAHOO's Guide to Musical Websites Everything from Artists to Censorship to Education to Fan Clubs to Instruments to Reviews to Theory ...
YAHOO's Guide to Community Bands around the world. Bletchington, Narragansett, Warringah, Petawawa ... they're all here.
Dr. James Gayfer The Canadian Music Centre's biography of our founding music director, with a list of works.
Ron Boerger's List of Community Bands and Orchestras Contact list for community bands, plus interesting links.
The Pepper Music Network Online catalogue of all printed music publishers.
The Classical Midi Archives Archive of classical music available for download in MIDI format. Shareware and helper apps to enhance your online audio as well as a library of classical music resources.
The Canadian Music Centre The place to find scores, parts and recordings of wonderful music by close to 500 Canadian composers. Whether you're looking for orchestral, band or instrumental works, vocal or choral music, opera or electroacoustic works, you can find what you want at the CMC.
Friendship House Musical Gifts, Awards and Teaching Aids since 1961. You'll find more musical merchandise in your Friendship House catalog then you'll find in any conventional store - delivered right to your doorstep.
Windplayer The world's #1 publication for woodwind and brass musicians. Whether you are a professional musician, a casual player, student or educator, you'll appreciate the articles and stories you will find in each issue of Windplayer.
GIARDINELLI "The Web's Most Extensive Music Catalog"
Sibelius Academy Music Resources Many, many links to music catalogues, specialized music websites, magazines, schools ...
Musicare 'nuff said. (Well-known instrumental supply store in Ottawa)
The Central Band of the Royal British Legion The Royal British Legion's "premier and flagship band". They sure are serious about bands over there ...
Music as Culture The impact of music on our culture.

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