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The 1998 Petawawa Legion Community Band

The 1998 

Petawawa Legion Community Band

Back Row:     Ray Dickson, Ken Whitlock, Geoff Williams, Kevin DuManoir, Ryan West, Lawrence Dickson, Heather Martin, Tony Waker, Kathleen Chidley, Dale Hopkins, George Doubt
Middle Row:     Bill Howatt, Bella Burgess, Mary Boland, Patti Stillman, Peggy Tanner, Catherine Douglas, Bruce Chidley, Diane Angerman, Ron Needham, Jack Watterston, Neil Dickson, Donovan Parkinson, Joan Doubt, Sheila Blore, Janet Gow
Front Row:     Marge Graham, Cheryl Meister, Jeremy Whitlock, Judith Plante, Verlie Whitlock, Anne Dickson (Director), Krista Taylor, Heather Douglas, Susan Linton, Erica Graham, Rosemary Kettner

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