Milestones in PLCB History

  • January 25, 1978:  First rehearsal for Petawawa Legion Community Band and Band School (Dr. James McDonald "Doc" Gayfer is first music director)

  • June 28, 1978:   First concert (Petawawa Legion Hall)

  • November 11, 1978:   First Remembrance Day Parade (Petawawa)

  • September 1979:   First concert outside the Petawawa Legion (CFB Petawawa Leisure Show)

  • November 7, 1979:   First public appearance in uniform (Legion Week concert, Petawawa Legion Hall)

  • Remembrance Day Parade, Eganville, 1979:   First parade away from Petawawa

  • June 1980:   First "Civic Centre Days" concert (and last concert with Doc Gayfer)

  • 1980 summer:   First summer season, and first open-air concert (Military Engineers reunion, CFB Petawawa); also performed at CFB Petawawa's 75th anniversary pageant, and the annual Petawawa Steam Show

  • September 1980:   Art Van Winckle (Champlain High School music teacher) becomes new director of PLCB

  • September 1980:   First election of PLCB Executive, and adoption of PLCB Constitution & Bylaws

  • September 1981:   First "Civic Centre Days" parade (Petawawa)

  • January 1982:   Kaz Samujlo (Fellowes High School music teacher) becomes new director of PLCB

  • Spring 1982:   First performance of band's signature march, "Petawawa Legion Five-Seventeen" (Civic Centre Days concert, Petawawa, under Doc Gayfer as guest conductor)

  • Fall 1982:   Band plays at opening of new Petawawa Union Library expansion

  • July 1983:   Band plays for 2nd Service Battalion Change of Command Parade (CFB Petawawa)

  • July 1984:   First "road trip" (to Picton, Ontario for the Ontario Bi-Centennial celebrations)

  • Over next decade:  
    • parades of all flavours (dedications, Korean Veterans’, Santa Claus, Civic Centre Days,
    • Remembrance Day – incl. Chalk River, Barry’s Bay),
    • strawberry socials (incl. Wakefield, P.Q.),
    • annual inspections (St. John Ambulance, Army Cadets, OPP Auxiliary),
    • 702 Communications’ Squadron Mess Dinner

  • January 1988:   Tenth Anniversary

  • February 1988:   First Kiwanis Music Festival (Pembroke)

  • June 1988:   PLCB marches in Legion Dominion Command Parade, Ottawa (along Wellington St. past Parliament bldgs., to national war monument on Elgin St.)

  • August 1988:   First performance at CFB Petawawa's "Warrior’s Day", alongside the RCR Band

  • Labour Day 1990:   Exchange trip with Mitchell Band (visited us 2 years later)

  • 1991:   Anne Dickson (music teacher, Mackenzie High School) becomes new director of PLCB

  • 1994:   First use of maroon windbreakers for winter uniform

  • 1995:   First "Civic Centre Days" concert in Kin Hut at the Civic Centre (Petawawa)

  • 1997:   First summer outdoor concert series

  • January 1998:   Twentieth Anniversary

  • September 1998:   Fred Leadston (former Guards Band musician under Doc Gayfer) becomes PLCB music director

  • September 2000:   Eric Tanguay (music teacher, l'Équinoxe school) becomes PLCB music director

  • January 2003:   Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

  • January 2008:   Thirtieth Anniversary

  • September 2008:   Karen Christian (music teacher, Bishop Smith Catholic High School) becomes PLCB music director

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