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The Petawawa Legion Community Band has had the joy of knowing the following people, who passed away in the years listed. Reminiscences are adapted from the band's history, by Verlie Whitlock.

1990:     Wes Smith     (trombone)

Wes, a charter member of the Band, was a popular character who had spent many years on the Band Executive. He constructed the wardrobe we use for our uniforms, and painted the picture of Tennant's Rock which we presented to Tom Overton upon his departure for a teaching post in northern Ontario.

1991:     Stan McMullen     (clarinet)

Another of our charter members, Stan McMullen hailed from Westmeath and was a very private "gentlemanly" type of man, well-loved in his home community and known for his voluntary performance on the "fiddle" at many local social events and at senior citizens' residences.

1992:     Carol Thomsett     (flute and piccolo)

Carol Thomsett was a quiet, gentle lady and a very accomplished flautist, piccolo-player, and music teacher.

1997:     Dr. James "Doc" Gayfer     (original Band Director)

Dr. Gayfer was a prolific composer of band, piano, choral and orchestral music, and much of his music has yet to be published. His military background and knowledge of protocol, combined with his great musicianship and love of "showbiz", served to provide a perfect basis for the Band's early progress, and one upon which successive Directors have been able to build our pride, our musicianship and ultimately our confidence in ourselves as an able performing unit.

1997:     Frank van Hoof     (Band Manager and original Band "developer")

Frank van Hoof, to whose vision the Band owes its very existence, was the Manager of the Band for many, many years, and was a loving supporter right to the end. His was the idea that got the original group of band-builders moving, and his was the faith that drove the project forward and maintained the interest during the dark, early days of fund-raising and the inevitable hold-ups and disappointments. His, also, was the joy of seeing the project finally come to fruition with the birth of "his" Band - yes, in the early days, we were known to many local people as "Frank's Band"!

1997:     Dave Trimble    (trombone & baritone)

Dave Trimble was a long-time member of our baritone section and, well into his seventh decade, was regularly travelling from his home in Beachburg for rehearsals and concerts, though he was no longer able to parade with us.

2007:     Peter Clattenburg    (trumpet & percussion)

Peter Clattenburg, our first "lifetime member", brought a lifetime of military band experience to the Petawawa Legion Community Band, acting at various times as our drum major, drill sargeant, bugler, and in the end - our greatest fan.

2008:     Fred Leadston    (director)

Fred Leadston stepped in to take the band on an interim basis in the period 1998-2000 while we sought a new Music Director. Fred was an accomplished trombonist and a warm human being, who commuted from Kingston to look after the Band through the winter, having only a summer cottage in the area. Fred had a unique "connection" to the Band, having served under Doc Gayfer in the Guards band as a young musician.

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