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16 March 2020
by Helene Hahn, Branch 517 Public Relations Officer

At the Petawawa Legion we understand the seriousness of the Covid-19 Virus. We are monitoring the situation daily and will continue to update our practices as required. For now we are business as usual and we encourage all to use good health practices. If you feel ill, stay home. We ask our Veterans if you require assistance to call us. If you find you are growing low on supplies and need help we have people who can help.

Soup and sandwich Wednesdays and fish and chip Fridays are continuing for now. Take out is available.

With the speed of things changing we will be updating on our facebook page as soon as information is available.

Join us on the web at www.petawawalegion.ca or on facebook at Petawawa Royal Canadian Legion Br 517.


Honours and Awards Chair Bob Howell Left presenting 50 Year Medal recipient Phil Doucette centre and Right is Branch President Ralph Kendrick

Ed Yahnke Receiving the Legionnaire of the Year 2017 2018

Mark Blais receiving Branch Service Medal

Pat Perry receiving the Legionnaire of the Year 2018 2019

Bob Howell(left) presenting Our Lady of Sorrows a cheque for $450 for School historical field trip. February 10, 2020.

Left to Right Veterans Service Officer and Presenter Paul Paris, BSM Recipients: Jill Carnegie; Mavis Tetlock; Kate MacGillivary, and Dave Barnhardt. Bingo Team Leader and Presenter Ed Yahnke. Missing from photo is Dave Healey also BSM Recipient

President Bob Howell(l) and Curley Andrews(r) present Ken Whitlock his 50 year membership medal.

Ed Yahnke bingo chairman (far right) and Curley Andrews Honours and Awards (second from right) present certificates of appreciation to bingo volunteers from left Jill Carnegie, Kate MacGillivray, Joe Chaput, and Dave Barnhardt.

Gary Serviss, Co-op Coordinator Valour JK-12 School, presenting Comrade Bruce Westgarth with a replica of a brick that was placed on the wall at Normandy, France. Although Bruce is a member of Branch 72 he is a frequent visitor at our branch and a WWII Vet with distinction.

The actual brick / plaque in France.

Cathy Receives 35 yr Pin

Lorna receives 35 year pin.

President Bob Howell Presents Bill Lilly with 45 yr pin.

President Presents 10 Yr pin to Zita Welsh.

President Presents Bob Pierce 35 yr pin.

Helene Hahn newest Life Member being presented by President Bob Howell and Past Honours and Awards Bill Welsh.

Curly Andrews Honours Chair Ttrev Badour 25 year pin Russ Murphy 45 Years Ron Bain 40 Years Bev 5 year and Pesident Bob Howell

Curly Presenting Pat Perry with the Branch Service Medal BSM

President Bob Howell Presenting Rhys McLoughlin Certificate of Merit

Speech Grades 1-3 Primary: 3rd Place Mason Bouchard , 1st Place Olivia Moore,  2nd Place Conor Phelan 

Speech Grades 4-6 Jr: 2nd Place Sophia Crawford, 3rd Place Payton Butler, 1st Place Benjamin Neville

Speech Grades 7-9 Intermediate: 2nd Place Shannon Gibson, 3rd Place Kalee Granter, 1st Place Murron McCafferty

Speech Grade 10-12 Sr: 1st Place Zwetlana Rajesh

Category: Poster, Colour, from left to right:
Jessica Yemen, John Neff, Ella Chaput, Angelika Hunt, Phiabe Ikerenge, Taylor Oggelsby and Charlotte Lloyd

Category: Poster, Colour, from left to right:
Jessica Yemen, John Neff, Ella Chaput, Angelika Hunt, Phiabe Ikerenge, Taylor Oggelsby and Charlotte Lloyd

January 2017 - Right to left, Bruce Westgarth presenting Bob Howell President a Poppy Serving Tray on behalf of his Son Ralph Westgarth

November 2016 - Thrift Shop Lillianne Bellefontaine Jean Hoffman Michelle Campbell President RCL Branch 517 Bob Howell

Sept 2016 - Presentation of 30-Year Pins to Joe McLoughlin and Vic Parro, and 25-Year Pin to Verlie Whitlock.

Sept 2016 - Lynn Deschambault of the Salsa Club presenting President Bob Howell a $500 donation to the Branch.

June 2016 - Petawawa Legion gets its M-109 - for full story in the Pembroke Daily Observer, click here.

President Helene Hahn (left) presents Ed Yanke with the Branch Service Award

Honours and Awards Chairman Bill Welsh (left) presents Pat MacDonald with his 40 year membership pin

Honours and Awards Chairman Bill Welsh (left) presents Earla Watson with her 30 Year membership pin.


Youth Education chairman Frank Shea presents to Primary category (L to R): 1st - Ryan Abbott, 3rd - Lauren Phelan, and 2nd - Rose McCafferty

Youth Education chairman Frank Shea presents to Junior category (L to R): 1st - Kalee Granter, 2nd - Skye Crouzat, and 3rd - Alissa Seymour

Youth Education chairman Frank Shea presents to Intermediate category (L to R): 1st - Zwetlana Rajesh, 2nd - Cade Lembke, and 3rd - Bobbi Lavoie

Donation to Deep River District Hospital Foundation of $8000 to aid in purchasing four Telemetry machines - January 2016

Honours Chairman Bill Welsh and President Helene Hahn Present Marcel Chaput with his 50 year Pin - Sept 2015

Honours Chairman Bill Welsh and President Helene Hahn Present Vic Paro with his 30 year Pin - Sept 2015

Honours Chairman Bill Welsh Presents Pat Lilly with her 40 year Pin - March 2015

Comrade Cliff McConnell (centre) receiving his 65 year membership bar from President Helene Hahn and Honours and Awards Chairman Bill Welsh - March 2015

2015 February: Ladies Auxiliary Donation Presented to Branch 517

LA President Zita Welsh Presents 1st Vice President Bob Howell with a Donation to the Branch


Grade 1-3:
L-R: 2nd place, Ethan Francis; 1st place, Ryan Abbott; Missing: 3rd place, Lauren Phelan

Grade 4-5:
L-R: 3rd place, Morgan Aubry; 2nd place, Jazzlyn Abbott; 1st place, Bobbi Lavoie

Grade 6-7:
L-R: 3rd place, Austin Warren; 2nd place, Samuel Abbott; 1st place, Remi Lavoie

2015 January: Certificates of Merit

left to right: Comrade Bill Welsh, Honours & Awards Chairman; Certificate recipients Comrade Joann Stallberg; Comrade Colleen Howell, and President Helene Hahn.

left to right: Comrade Bill Welsh, Certificate recipient Gordon Milton

2015 January: Donation of $8K for Pembroke MRI

left to right: Poppy Chair and Past President Bob Lescombe; President Helen Hahn, and representing The Pembroke Hospital MRI Fund Raiser Committee Nancy Warren.

2014 Remembrance Day Posters Competition

left to right: Back row: President Helene Hahn; Youth Education Chairman Frank Shea; Front row: Skye Crouzat 3rd Place Colour; Sophie Vossos 1st Place Colour; Poster Jordan Turrcotte B&W, 1st Place, and Missing: Kelly Patrick

December 2014: President Helene Hahn Presenting Certificate of Appreciation to Youth Volunteer Rhys McLaughlin

November 2014

Honours and Awards Chair presenting Lee MacDonald with 5-year pin

Honours and Awards Chair presenting Helene Hahn with 30-year pin

Honours and Awards Chair presenting Kim Crawford with 30-year pin

Honours and Awards Chair presenting Pat Perry with 50-year medal


L to R: Korean Stone, Korean Vet Comrade Russ Murphy. WWI Stone Represented by CWO (Ret'd) Comrade Ralph Storey, Peacekeeping and Main Stone The Honourable Cheryl Gallant and Petawawa Mayor Bob Sweet, WWII Stone, WWII Vet Comrade Dennis Gray, and the Afghanistan Stone Afghanistan Vet WO Storey.

April 2014: 638 RC(Air)C Squadron presents a donation towards The Town of Petawawa and Branch 517 Cenotaph Project: Representing the Cenotaph Committee L to R Bob Howell (L-R) Bob Howell, Bob Lescombe (Branch President), Captain Dan Duchene (638 Squadron Commanding Officer), Warrant Officer Bryn Osmond (Cadet Squadron Commander)

April 2014: Two new members welcomed to the Legion, following their swearing in:
(L-R) Steve Ambrose, Bob Howell (Membership Committee), Scott Howell

President Bob Lescombe and Honours Chairman presenting Norm Joe McGloughlin the Branch Service Medal

Award Recipients from the November 17th General Meeting

L to R: Frank Shea: Certificate of Appreciation; Joann Stallberg: Executive Medal and Bar, Scotty Collins: Certificate of Appreciation, Linda Noble: Certificate of Appreciation, and Bob Lescombe (Branch President).

President Bob Lescombe Presenting Ed Yahnke with Certificate of Merit

President Bob Lescombe Presenting Earla Watson with Certificate of Merit

President Bob Lescombe Presenting Lorna Gorr with her Branch Service Medal

Branch 517 receives grant for new cenotaph - November 2013

The official Grant from the Veterans Affairs was awarded to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517 and The Town of Petawawa for the new cenotaph on Saturday November 9, 2013. The cenotaph committee consists of: Bob Lescombe; Bob Sweet; Bob Howell; Bob McBride; Ralph Story; Kelly Russell, Kelly Williams, Ed Chow, and Glen Mohns. This was presented by The Honourable Cheryl Gallant to mayor Bob Sweet and the cenotaph committee in front of the legion.

The picture shows from left to right: Legion President Bob Lescombe; The Hon. Cheryl Gallant; Mayor Bob Sweet; Ralph Story; Bob McBride, and Bob Howell.


L to R: Dave Murphy, Cindy Roberts: Certificate of Appreciation; Pat Oland: Treasurer Bar; Nancy Leach: Secretary Bar & Executive Medal; Cathy MaCabe: Executive Medal and Bar and Certificate of Merit; Pat Perry: Executive Medal & Membership Bar; Terry Morgan, Helene Hahn: Branch Service Medal; Diane Best: Certificate of Merit, Bill Wels: Honours Committee; Bob Howell: Honours & Awards Chairman.


Primary Winners:
L-R: Bailey Olsheski, 2nd place. Jazzlyn Abbott, 1st place. Missing - Alec Lavoie, 3rd place

Junior Winners:
L-R: Remi Lavoie, 1st place. Samuel Abbott, 2nd place. Cade Harrison, 3rd place.

Intermediate Winners:
L-R: Fiona MacPherson, 3rd place, Christopher Olsheski, 2nd place. Joshua O'Connor. 1st place

November 2012

Jim Mackenzie donating his daughter's needlepoint print of "In Flanders Field"

The girls below helped stuff the bears for the sale of the Cenotaph Bears:

Teddy Bear Girls:

Back Row (L to R Ruthann Andrews; Celina Cyr; Lorna Gorr; Mary Jewkes;
Front Row (L to R): L to R Colleen Howell; Carolyn Lescombe; Judy Gorr

Ann Bain being presented with her Cartificate of Achievement for her outstanding support to the branch by Bob Howell Honours and Awards Chairman

His Worship The Mayor of Petawawa Bob Sweet receiving a Certificate of Achievement on Behalf of the Town of Petawawa for Their outstanding support over the years, from Bob Howell Honours and Awards Chairman

John Yakubuski Presenting Curly Andrrews with The Queens Silver Jubilee Medal as Bob Lescombe looks On

President Bob Lescombe being presented with the Branch Service Medal for all his years of support to the Branch over the years by Bob Howell

Branch 517 Service Awards

September 2012

5-35 years:

Back Row L to R: Kim Crawford 25 Yrs; Marty Ryan 15 Yrs; Mike McMullen 20Yrs
Front Row L to R: Mayor Bob Sweet 10 Yrs; Donna Ryan 5 Yrs; Paula Benn 15 Yrs; Sterling Mercer 35 Yrs; Honours and Awards Chairman Bob Howell

Medals, Certificates and Pins:

Back Row L to R: Frank Nash 10 Yrs; Mark Blais 10 Yrs; Dave Murphy 20 Yrs; Honours Committee Bill Welsh; George Dionne 10 Yrs; Randy Driscoll 40 Yrs; Glenn Card Certificate of Achievement; Walter Welton 35 Yrs; Bob Howell
Front Row L to R: Chad Kendall, Duchess Kendall, Certificates of Achievement: President Bob Lescombe: Irvin Andrews, MSM Recipient; Ed Chow, Certificate of Achievement.
Missing: Tom Sampson; Ann Bain; Dave Morgan; and Jeremy Whitlock (all Certificate of Achievement recipients)

MSM Recipient:

L to R: Bill Welsh Honours Committee; Irvin Andrews; President Bob Lescombe; Bob Howell

30 year pin:

L to R: Bob Howell; Cindy Roberts, 30 Yr Pin, Zita Welsh and Donna Ryan (supporters for Cindy).

Church Parade, Legion Week 2012

Colour Party, L to R: Pat Perry; Nancy Leach; Curly Andrews; Glen Mohns

Laying the Wreath: Bob Lescombe; Sgt-at-Arms Bob Howell

L to R: Padre Murray Bateman; Padre Carolyn Bateman; Bob Lescombe

Branch 517 Remembrance Day parade 2011

Branch 517 Service Awards

September 2011

5-25 years:

Front Row L-to-R: Vic Balkan, Bryan Johnston, John Ralph, Jesse Munn, Winnifred Parro, Yvon St. Aubin, Carolyn Eaton, Verne Surette, Norman McLoughlin;
Back Row L-to-R: Frank A’Hern, Earla Watson, Trevor Badour, Bill Welsh, Kathleen MacGillivray, Terry Morgan, and Past President Medal Recipient Medal Glenn Mohns.
Missing: Jeremy Whitlock

30-60 years:

Front Row L-to-R: Richard Dakin, Joe Wiseman, Bill Lilly, Russ Murphy, Kathy McCabe, Albert Flemming, Bill Arnold;
Back Row L-to-R: Ed Landry, Bob Seaman, Jim Germaine, Jim Northwood, Don Strong, Murray Remus;
Missing: Dennis Gray and George Carrigan.

Special Service Pin Presentations:

Dennis Gray receiving 60-year pin from Bob Howell

Albert Flemming receiving 60-year pin from Bob Howell

Bob Seaman receiving 50-year pin from Bob Howell

George Dwyer receiving 50-year pin from Bob Howell and Bill Lilly

Certificates of Appreciation:

Front Row L-to-R: Diane Best, Jo-ann Stallberg, Colleen Howell, Lorna Gorr, Bev Gray, Art Easton, Michelle MacDonald;
Back Row L-to-R: Norm MacDonald, Gord Milton, Vic Parro, Carolyn Mohns, Terry Morgan, Joe McLaughlin;
Missing: Earla Watson, Mary Jewkes, Nancy Leach.

Branch Service and Executive Medals:

Front Row L-to-R: Jan Bouthillier, Zita Welsh, Carolyn Lescombe, Verlie Whitlock;
Back Row L-to-R: Legion Medal Recipient: Norm MacDonald; Bill Welsh, Murray Remus, Ralph Kendricks; Missing: Ron Bain.

Ron Bain receiving Branch Service Medal from Pres. Bob Lescombe while H&A Chairman Bob Howell looks on

Rededication of Branch 517 Cenotaph to honour
fallen comrades in recent wars

September 2011

Branch 517 Colour Party in Renfrew County Expo-150 Parade

June 9th, 2011